We Are Here

Ellen Cassedy, the author of We Are Here, has explored the world of the Lithuanian Holocaust for ten years.  Her book began as a personal journey to connect with her Jewish forebears, but soon expanded into a larger quest, into how people in Lithuania – Jews and non-Jews alike – are engaging with their Nazi and Soviet past in order to move forward into the future.

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Lithuanian Judaica

From the collection of Audrius V. Plioplys MD

Although the emphasis of the Hope and Spirit program was Stalin’s atrocities, it is important to mention another atrocity that took place at the same time and same place. Approximately 200,000 Lithuanian Jews were killed under the German Nazi occupation, 1941-1945. At that time, the Jewish community was about 7% of the total population, and was almost totally destroyed. Similar mass killings took place across all of Europe, leading to the estimated death of 6 million Jews. Continue Reading →